Tuesday, 18 August 2015


With the invent of new technologies and the ever-growing concept of Multi-Channel Retailing having a considerable impact on the customer’s daily life, the physical collection of goods by the customer is now a major part of the retail experience.
Consumer expectations about time-saving, personalized service and comfort supported by new technologies are greater than ever.
SB_post_92_2A New Purchase Channel:  In this dynamic context, retail chain operators are actively looking for ways to improve their existing service concepts in order to meet their customers’ expectations in a better way.
These technologies, which are complementary to ordering at a check out, offer freedom of choice to the consumers. Some people prefer to be served as quickly as possible while others prefer to order serenely without being subjected to the pressure of a queue. By choosing a kiosk service offering, customers can order online and collect their goods from a drive through or collection point at their own convenience.
The intention is to offer various methods of ordering which combine performance and hospitality for the consumer whilst generating an increase in turnover and productivity for the retailer.
SB_post_92_1Click & Colect – Definition:  Click & Collect is the process by which the consumer is able to order online (click) and pick up (collect) their merchandise at a local store or collection point. It is a combination of online and in-store shopping and means the customers can search and buy their products on the internet and pick them up from a location of their choosing.
SB_post_92_3A Concept to Embrace:  The main benefits of Click & Collect for the consumer are savings on delivery costs and choosing a time of collection that suits the customer. Another benefit for the consumer is the convenience of not having to go in-store to find and purchase their goods. Depending on the retailer, the Click & Collect solution may be designed to enable consumers who do not trust online payment solutions to pay at the collecting point.

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