Thursday, 9 November 2017

Top 10 Richest Actors in The World

10.Sylvester Stallone

The story of sylvester stallone is from Rag to richest,the brilliant actor own a Net worth of $400 Million.

9.Johnny Depp

This versalite Actor with all his talent and skill makes a Fotune of $410 million.he is considered as one of the
most exotic actor known for his role in pirates of caribbean series.

8.Jack Nicholson

With long presence on hollywood this actor made a fotune of  $412 Million.He is one of the living legends in hollywood.

7.Amitabh Bacchan

He is the one of the prominent and finest actor in bollywood with a  Net worth of $425 million

6.Mel Gibson

This Actor cum Director from hollywood own a fortune of $427  million.

5.Tyler Perry

This iconic Actor,Director,story writer from hollywood own a neth Worth of $450 Million.

4.George Clooney

This brilliant actor owns a Fortune of $500 MIllion.

3.Tom Cruise

This actor need no introdution.As one of the highest paid actors in the world his estimated Net worth is $550 Million.

2.Shahrukh Khan

The King of bollywood and one of the highes paid actor in indian cinema Owns a fortune of whopping $600 millions.

1. Jerry Seinfeld

This comedian cum Actor is the richest living Actor in the world with net worth of nearly $850 Millions.

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